Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sweet Sixteen for Isabel Hope

(L-R: Elisa, Eva, Isabel, Valentina, Kari)

Dear Isabel,

Your "Sweet Sixteen" birthday was an all-day affair! I hope that in every way you enjoyed your special day, from having a friend (Kari) spend the night after soccer the evening before to watching long-awaited I Can Only Imagine until 2 a.m. the morning of your birthday. I hope you felt loved with your daddy making his spicy chicken and curry rice; your friends Elisa and Valentina joining us for lunch; and your sister personally choosing you a special gift. I hope you made happy wishes blowing the candles on your panqueque de naranja cake, and that welcoming home your little hamster "Jammie" will always be a fun memory. I hope that having more friends - Sofia with her parents Tio Romo and Tia Solange, and Luisa and Sra. Isabel, Bonnie and Trin - come to celebrate you for a second round of gifts and Metro Pizza was a joyful way to end your day.

Back when a curly-haired baby girl entered the world so dramatically, I could never have imagined that sixteen years would fly by so quickly. I can still picture you and Eva in your tutus as toddlers and your piecing together long sentences of words before the age of two. You've always known your own mind and made sure to express it to others! You are our fierce and funny "Sissy" and life with you is always a great adventure. Hold tightly to Jesus and I know He will amaze you with all He has planned for your future together with Him! Daddy and I love you so much. Happy 16th Birthday, Isabel Hope!

All my love,

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