Sunday, June 14, 2015

Celebrating a New Teenager (Happy 13th Birthday, Isabel!)

our beautiful new teenager
For Isabel's 13th birthday, she had two simple requests. First, a nice meal out with Mom and Dad. So we arranged for a friend from church to have lunch at home with the other four siblings while we took the birthday girl to one of our favorite places for a "fancy" meal. The food, a Japanese/Peruvian fusion, was definitely something new for her! Afterwards we headed to the mall to share some frozen yogurt ice cream swimming in chocolate (much to Daddy's chagrin but the girls' enjoyment.) We hope our beautiful new teenager felt special and grown up and loved as a result of the time spent together. 

a fancy meal for our growing-up girl
Isabel's second request (which we fulfilled the follow day) was a trip to the mall with her friends from church. Being chauffeured and accompanied by Mom and older sister Eva, but left on their own for an hour or so to venture into stores and spend their money, apparently was just the thing for the new teen and her two friends to feel rather grown up. Their last stop was a beauty store for a parent-approved makeup purchase, which promptly led to a makeover session upon our return home!

Isabel with Tiffany (L) and Sofia (R)
The camera Isabel is wearing in the picture above was also a long-awaited gift, so we now have another budding photographer in the home. We thank God for the privilege of celebrating our strong-willed and spunky girl's "official" entrance into her teenage years. But she will always be our cute, sweet little "Sissy!"

Isabel - once upon a time on Padre Island, TX
Dear Isabel,

In honor of your 13th birthday, I wanted to share "13 Things I Love about Isabel."
1.       You have a compassionate soul.
2.       You are brave and adventurous.
3.       You have a great sense of style.
4.       You enjoy being a big sister.
5.       You desire to serve others.
6.       You love to read.
7.       You are your own person.
8.       You don’t take “no” for an answer.
9.       You dream big dreams.
10.   You love to sing.
11.   You have a heart for Haiti.
12.   You have the MK spirit.
13.   You love the Lord.
Being your mom has taken me on adventures I never imagined! I can't wait to see what else God has in store for your life. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and I have no doubt He will use you in mighty ways in this world! Daddy and I love you, Isabel Hope! 

Love, Mom

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