Thursday, June 12, 2014

Twelve Years of Celebrating Isabel Hope

Dear Sissy,

I may wake up the morning of your birthday without recognizing the person sleeping in your bed! :) What a fun surprise for you today to have the opportunity to do something you had wanted to try - straightening your cool curls. You are beautiful with your "new look" but I had to post both of these pictures because you are also gorgeous just the way God made you. I was secretly so proud of you when after six hours you smiled at the sight of yourself and obviously enjoyed the change, yet made it clear you weren't aiming for it to be a permanent one (much to the surprise of your hairdressers!) I love that you have enough confidence in who you are to experiment, but also to value your individuality.

As you are turning into a teenager right before our eyes with just a year to go to hit that "magical" number, I know that sometimes you experience frustration or embarrassment. This is the age of wanting to fit in with everyone else and be liked by your peers. One day it is a super fun stage of life, and the next it can be very hard. You might find this difficult to believe, but I get it. I really do. In fact, so many characteristics you demonstrate remind me of myself at your age. Enjoying reading, having a strong opinion, being feisty and funny. In other ways, though, you are uniquely you. I love observing you and being your mom!

As usual your birthday gifts are not the kind that can be wrapped, but rather involve others and making memories. I'm so glad your good friends have returned to Chile and we can spend your special day together. I'm looking forward to the day when God makes your dream come true and we can go to Haiti for your birthday! He has such great things in store for your life as you continue to learn about Him and trust Him and love Him. I pray that your heart will always and forever be wholly His.

We love you, Isabel Hope Garcia! Have a very happy and wonderful 12th birthday.


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