Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Isabel

Six years ago, this little "angel" joined our family.

In fact, it was a Thursday morning just like this one when we first laid eyes on Isabel. She had been born the night before, Wednesday June 12, but because of the serious complications surrounding her birth we were unable to see her until the following day.

I can clearly remember looking down at Isabel in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit for the first time. Her face was puffy and red. She was wearing only a diaper, and wires were attached all over her little body. She was obviously uncomfortable - actually much more than just uncomfortable, as the nurse explained that what she was feeling throughout her newborn body was similar to the pain of a migraine. For that reason, we were not allowed to hold her or even stroke her. At the most, we could place our hand on her leg or arm and just hold it there. Her frailty wrapped her around our hearts in an extra-special way during those first days together.

And God had a very special plan for this very special little girl! I can hardly believe six years have flown by. The baby girl with the curly hair and chubby cheeks is turning into a sweet little girl who is growing and maturing before our eyes. On her sixth birthday, I would describe Isabel as compassionate, caring, gentle, kind, and most of all - giving. She is truly one of the most generous children I have known. With her sparkling brown eyes and sweet smile, she is beautiful both inside and out.

We love you, Isabel!

For our precious "Regalo" ... Thank you.


ERIN lee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET SWEET ISABEL!! You are one of a kind and truly the sweetest little person I have ever known! God has BIG plans in store for you. Enjoy your birthday Isabel (or Gloria and Mr.Ramon says)

Anonymous said...

We hope you have a wonderful birthday! We are praying for you and your family as you serve the Lord in Chile. And today we prayed an extra prayer for you, that God would give you an extra special day today. That he would guard your comings and goings. And continue to grow you into the woman of God that he created you to be. Happy Birthday!

The Evans Family

Dar said...

Happy Birthday Isabel. You truly are a beautiful girl!

Katie said...

Your beautiful sweetie. Happy Birthday. I love your baby picture