Friday, June 13, 2008

L'Provenza Café-Bistro

We have special visitors in town! My parents, as well as another couple from their church in Delaware who came to down to surprise their daughter (who is teaching at our MK school for a semester) with a visit to Chile. What better reason to celebrate? So we ladies took a morning to ourselves and had a lovely brunch at a nearby café. It was scrumptious and fun!

L'Provenza Café-Bistro, a local house-turned-restaurant
(Notice the beautiful mountains in the background!)

Just for girls ... even the littlest (aka, nursing) ones!

My torta de merengue con lucuma

Karen's torta de merengue con frambuesa

Mom's especialidad de la casa (wafers and manjar and nuts)

Homemade hot chocolate from melted bars of chocolate, yum

The hot chocolate menu, delicioso!


Terri Fisher said...

Lucky girls...Mom, how much is that going to set you back on Spark People???? :)

Alisha said...

Oh my word - those look altogether tooo yummy! Say hi to your parents for me=)