Sunday, June 12, 2016

Happy 14th Birthday, Isabel!

It was the "gift that kept on giving" ... this year's birthday celebration stretched across three days for our beautiful daughter Isabel. On Friday at teen time there was cake and candles (and Chile's Copa America win against Bolivia!) 

On Saturday at ladies' tea there was cake and candles and thoughtful gifts from the many sweet women at church who care for her. And on Sunday (her actual birthday) there was cake and candles and a cookout and games and family and friends who love her and celebrated the very special person she is to all of us.

"Aunt" Pam made a cherry chip birthday cake. New friends Rodrigo and Emily reserved their apartment complex's quincho for a completada and hamburguesada. The sun disappeared and the weather was cool, but the fellowship was warm!

Dear Isabel,

Happy Birthday to my precious daughter. Thank you for letting me celebrate with you on a mother-daughter shopping trip and lunch out on the town this year! I so enjoyed spending time together and finding the things you needed and desired. It was a special treat to be reminded how God cares about the details of our lives when we walked right into a sale on what we were looking for!

I thank God for your life - for creating, protecting, and molding it into the beautiful young woman you are becoming inside and out. I admire your courage and camaraderie and clear convictions. I enjoy watching you with your friends and witnessing your growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I love your quick wit and sense of humor. It makes me smile to see you turning into the bookworm I was at your age! I appreciate your gentleness with your brothers and your growing maturity in areas of responsibility at home.

Our family would be incomplete without you in it! I hope your birthday was every bit at special as you are to all of us. We love you and believe God has great things in store for this new year and many to come. Happy 14th Birthday, Isabel Hope!

All my love,

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