Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy 15th Birthday, Isabel Hope

Dear Isabel,

I hope that as the day of your birthday draws to a close, you know and feel how much you are loved. Fifteen years is a wonderful milestone to celebrate! Today that celebration included twenty-one of your family members in the midst of a warm and wonderful family reunion in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Your "Happy Birthday" song was bellowed out in multiple-part harmony with as much gusto as you could ever have wished.

As promised, you opened your first social media account on your 15th birthday which was something you had looked forward to for a long time. Now a whole new world of communication and careful choices lies before you. We look forward to watching you learn to discern and develop your friendships, especially this year that you are a long distance away from many of them. We are thankful for some of the special friends God has placed in your life who encourage you in your walk with Him!

Isabel, God has given you a heart of courage and compassion. We praise Him for the privilege of being your parents! It is a joy to observe first hand as you grow in those character areas and continue to become the woman He has designed you to be. We are confident He has an amazing future planned for your 15th year and many years beyond!

We love you, Isabel Hope!


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