Monday, June 12, 2017

The First Days of Furlough

I really wanted to post some thoughts before the early memories of furlough got jumbled and forgotten. It is just hard to find the time and space to write! This is a rundown of our first several days in the United States, recorded for posterity.

Tuesday, June 6: Arrive to USA (read this post)

Wednesday, June 7: Pedro flies to Detroit and drives back to PA with brother-in-law Mark; Ian and Alec stay in Ephrata with Pop-Pop and meet our neighbors; Eva, Isabel, Owen, Silas and I go with Mom-Mom to the older kids' school in Lancaster to pay tuition and have an impromptu tour followed by Friendly's for lunch; boys play over at the neighbors' for an hour; dinner at home is Domino's pizza with the grandparents

Thursday, June 8: Drive to Delaware to renew drivers' licenses and obtain vehicle registrations; mega shopping at BJ's with my sister Jenn; cousins hang out and Owen spends the night and goes to a Blue Rocks baseball game

Friday, June 9: Drop off Ian, Alec, and Isabel to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA with Aunt Jenn and cousins Kendra and Juliana; take cousin Micah along with Owen, Eva and Silas to visit Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop at Calvary Homes and eat in their cafeteria; shop at Walmart; dinner at home with the DW gang is Papa John's pizza

Saturday, June 10: Packing, packing, packing and cleaning on a hot summer's day before traveling for five weeks; reward kids' effort with Dairy Queen Blizzards; find a table and chairs for free on the side of the road; early to bed and earlier to rise

Sunday, June 11: Up at 5 a.m. to finalize packing and cleaning and leave the house by 8 a.m. to head to church in Delaware; great to be at Faith with Rubins and the grandparents; lunch (Chinese) at Rubins' house before setting off for the a week of family vacation in the Poconos followed by an extended ministry trip to Michigan (will not return to our "new" home in PA until July 17 at the earliest!)

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