Sunday, April 12, 2015

Milestone Birthday: Owen Turns 10

Dear Owen,

No matter how many times I told you we weren't going to celebrate any more birthdays and that turning 10 was absolutely out of the question, somehow it still happened! This year your birthday fell on a busy Sunday, so we opted to celebrate on Saturday instead. It just so happened that on this particular Saturday, you were also invited to participate in a "cross-country" beach event with 1st - 4th graders from area schools. In your book, there could be no better way to celebrate a birthday than by running a race!

Well, you won the race and kept things exciting right up to the end.  We are proud of you! But what I really hope you will remember from your 10th birthday is something more than just a medal or having lots of fun. What I hope you will remember is how God generously loves His children and knows exactly how to satisfy our heart's desires.

Because your day didn't just hold a race. We also wanted you and Daddy to do something fun and different together. Options were limited by our location and your age, but it just so happened that we had learned that week about free sailing classes for kids. The two of you went with your buddies Toby and Karl and had a fabulous time. The thing is, nothing just so happens! GOD is in control of it all. He loves you and made sure you knew on your birthday. We love you, too. Happy 10th Birthday, Owen!


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