Saturday, April 12, 2014

Celebrating 9 Years with Owen

Dear Owen,

My energetic, adventurous boy ... how much laughter and life you bring to our home! Sometimes it can be exasperating (how many times did I hear, "Mom! Can I open my presents?!" and who woke me up this morning saying, "Is it time to open my presents yet?!") But many times it is enjoyable (who else gets the whole family giggling at mealtime with impersonations, "Hey! Who am I?!") And always, it is endearing (I love that you still try to fold your long frame into my lap and snuggle!)

Today on your 9th birthday, I wish life were a little more simple and we weren't in the midst of post-earthquake recovery. Then we could fulfill our promise to take you and two friends to Happyland, and I wouldn't be scratching my head over how to bake a cake after the gas company found a leak in the neighborhood and turned everything off three days ago with no restoration date in sight. I wish it wasn't such a busy day with Daddy running one way and Mommy preparing to run another, because it happens to be a very full day on the church calendar.

But someday, son, I pray you will understand that the greatest part of birthdays isn't the cake, or gifts, or games (though those are all great fun!) The greatest part of birthdays is life itself, a gift from God. And it is up to us to choose to use that life wisely, and kindly, and generously, and faithfully.

Today on your 9th birthday, I pray that each passing year will draw you into a closer relationship with your Heavenly Father and Creator. I pray that you will learn to walk - or in your case, run! - in stride with Jesus. I pray that your life will be a testimony of God's grace and power and creativity, and that your energy and joy and spirit of adventure will lead you to greater things than we can even imagine for God's glory.

I love you, Owen! Daddy and I are so thankful for your life. Happy 9th Birthday.


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