Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Owen Santiago

photo by Libby Portraits

When I spoke to Owen a few days before his birthday, he had already enjoyed cake and presents in a joint celebration with Daddy and Alec. I reminded him that his birthday wasn't until the 12th of April but he insisted that due to the party, "I'm already seven years old, Mommy!"

And now my baby really is a 7-year old little boy.

On Owen's birthday I can't help but reflect back to the breathtaking surprise that his arrival was to our lives. We had been praying for a baby for so long, and had endured more than one heartbreaking adoption loss in the process. But on April 12, 2005 we received a call that seemed like a dream - a premature baby boy in a Florida hospital needed a forever Mommy and Daddy. Could that be us?

I cried tears of joy when I cradled my five-day old son for the first time. He weighed less than five pounds and to his big sister Eva who told me she had been asking God for a "little tiny" baby brother, I was able to honestly say that "God answered your prayers!"

And He certainly answered mine as well.

You have brought joy to our family from the moment we first heard of your existence. All of us love your happy and fun-filled nature. I especially love your sweet voice and warm snuggles! Daily my prayer is that you will grow to become a man of God, compassionate and strong, wise and brave and filled with integrity. May you grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ in a very special way during your 7th year of life! I love you with all my heart.

Love, Mommy

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