Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday to My Sweet Owen

Dear Owen,
I can't believe it has been five years since we received a wonderful, life-changing phone call telling us about our precious new son - YOU. From the day you were placed in our arms until now, you have not stopped bringing joy and laughter to our family. You are so full of life and energy and excitement!
Your greatest wish last year was to have your brothers home for your birthday. This year your wish has come true, but along with it has come a sometimes difficult reality for you as you adjust to a new role within our family. What we hope you know and believe is what we have told you time and again: No one can ever take your place. Every one of our children is special in his or her own unique way, and that includes YOU!
I love that you are my snuggly boy who still likes to curl your lanky frame into a ball and cuddle on my lap.
I love that you sometimes come out with the sweetest comments, like today when you were watching television with Daddy and said, "You're nice, Daddy. I like you."

I love that you get so excited about the little things and explode into loud exclamations of joy, often punctuated by jumping and flailing about.

I love that you (usually) love your big sisters and (usually) like your new little brothers.

I love that you always request the African (Congolese) song on the Selah cd and try to sing along.

I love that you always have been and continue to be ALL BOY and like nothing better than to sword fight, wrestle and kick the soccer ball around with your daddy and your friends.

Most of all, I just love YOU! I am so thankful that I get to be your forever Mommy.

All my love,


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little Owen. He is as precious as can be : )
You guys have a lot of Birthdays this month! I imagine you are getting sick of baking cakes : ) Hope his day {and his whole year really} are exceptionally special. I love his smile : )

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Owen, I hope that your day is special!

Simply Stacie said...

It's definitely birthday time at your house! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!! I can't believe it's been five years either, I joined Tea Time right around the time your brought Owen home.