Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Happy Birthday to Alec

Dear Alec,

For your birthday, you asked for strawberry cake; the Lego store; Happyland; watching a movie; and playing Wii. We didn't manage to fulfill all of those requests, but your smile was radiant just knowing it was a day set aside especially for YOU. 

As the "caboose" of the family, your little legs chug along trying so desperately to catch up to your older siblings - especially Owen - sometimes! You want to do everything they do, and do it now. :) Meanwhile Mommy wants to tell you not to run so fast, because these days with you are precious. I am sorry if you feel lost in the crowd or caught up in the shuffle of life at times. 

Alec, you are a joy and gift to us! And we know GOD has fantastic plans to use your careful, smart, observant, bubbly heart to accomplish great things in this world. Happy 7th Birthday, Alec Stephen!

Love, Mommy

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