Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Alec Stephen

photo by Libby Portraits

To my "baby boy" Alec:

When you finally came home from Haiti, I never imagined I would miss another birthday of yours so soon. Today you turned 4 years old, and Mommy and your sisters were in Delaware while you and Daddy and your brothers were in Chicago! Pictures from last year's birthday made me so nostalgic this evening, but I know in my heart that your day was special even without me there. Grandma Garcia and your Daddy made sure of that.

I posted about your birthday on Facebook, and comments wishing you a happy birthday poured in! You are so loved by everyone. Your smile wins hearts everywhere you go. Your personality is special, a mixture of fun-loving and serious, snuggly and tough. You know your own mind and let us know it, too! It is this trait that I pray God will use to mold you into a man of godly character and conviction one day.

I love you, Alec Stephen Garcia. I love getting to know you better with each passing year, and I look forward to what this one has in store for you. You are my precious sweetheart!

Love always,

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