Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Celebrating 11 Years with Owen

Dear Owen,

This morning, a memory from eight years ago surfaced on my Facebook feed. It was this picture of you and me on your third birthday in Santiago. We had just celebrated with your cousins at McDonald's, and you were clutching your new action figure.

What sweet memories it brought me of the happy, funny, cute little boy you were and it brings me joy that now at 11 years old you are still all of those things! You love to make our family laugh with your jokes, impersonations and quips. You are so much like Daddy with your sense of humor. In fact, just this week you said something in the same words and tone that he does and made us both giggle. It is just fun to be around you.

posing for a picture with your super-sized chaparrita

Speaking of fun, you were concerned that your actual birthday fell on a busy day with school and extra-curricular activities so you requested that we celebrate it yesterday. Your choice of activity was to try a new "9-dimensional" game at the Zofri mall, then have Domino's pizza, ice cream and homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter icing at home. We said you could take a friend, so your buddy Cristobal and your two brothers joined you for the adventure. Daddy filmed a little video and if your faces and intensity are any indication, it was a good time! We love to make these memories with you.

Owen, we are very thankful for your life and pray for you in this new year and season of change. We pray God gives you courage and discernment as you study in a secular environment and that He uses this experience in your life to give you strength in your own faith in Jesus. Daddy and I are proud of your attitude this year of wanting to be diligent in your studies. Remember that whatever you do, you can do it "unto the Lord!" And we believe God has great things in store for you as you trust Him and follow Him. We love you! Happy 11th Birthday to our oldest son!

Love always,

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