Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Happy Birthday to My Husband

Dear Pedro,

Perhaps in placing yours and your brother's birthday just one week apart growing up, God was preparing you to share your birthday week with not one but two sons in the future! Once again the April birthdays are upon us, and once again yours gets a little lost in the shuffle even as you assure us of your contentedness with a low-key celebration. This year, you began your birthday on little sleep after a 4 AM wake up call by a child with a hurting ear and a preschool potty training incident at 5 AM. (I am including these details because of how much fun we've had recently reminiscing through would-be lost family memories if not for such little reminders posted through this blog!)

I am thankful for your relaxed acceptance and that you are so easy to please on your special day. I am also thankful that today we unexpectedly connected even without prior planning and in the midst of our own personal craziness (you running a senseless circuit of tramites to relinquish our old van and me chasing down paperwork for the pregnancy center!) Having older kids able to toss together their own lunch, thus allowing us to slip away to a nice meal on your birthday was very special. Your being handed a beautifully decorated "Happy Birthday" platter with a complimentary dessert made for a fabulous finale to an already outstanding order - a seafood trio for you, and an avocado/asparagus risotto with steak for me.

Silas was most preoccupied all day that Daddy have a proper celebration, asking where the birthday balloons and plates and napkins and candles - and most importantly, cake! - might be. He didn't understand that those were not a planned part of today, yet even so God blessed the heart of a little boy just before bedtime when sudden guests brought the gift of a cake on a platter. And all the while Mommy silently moaned and groaned the unscheduled intrusion, his delight and your calm, hospitable response chastised my selfishness while reminding me that God is more concerned with our character than our comfort! Your pleasant welcome and sincere saludos reminded me again why I love you for the kindness you carry in your heart.

Happy 47th Birthday, My Sweets! I am glad that you received birthday greetings from so many who care about you and whose lives have been enriched by knowing you. Your kids and I love you. Thank you for making us laugh, feeding us your fantastic meals, leading our family in morning worship, and with God's help keeping us all together in spite of the crazy life we lead!

This year, I thought I would include links to your prior birthday posts on this blog so that when you wish, you can read them and be reminded that you are appreciated and loved.

All my love,

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