Monday, April 08, 2019

Happy 11th Birthday to Alec

Dear Alec,

You are loyal. You are loving. You are smart, and careful and kind. You love your family. You have a great smile! You are many wonderful things and on your birthday, family and friends went around the table sharing what we all loved about you.  

Something else - you are frugal and motivated! These traits were evidenced on your birthday when you were willing to forego gifts to focus on the one big thing on which you've set your sights. Ever since Uncle Kyle visited us in Pennsylvania from Iowa with a certain video game system, your imagination has been captured with the idea of saving up for one of your own. And you're almost there. 

Alec, this year you have tried new things such as running the PowerPoint for songs at church and more recently playing the bongo on our little music team. You've joined basketball alongside your brothers and put many miles on your bike in their company, too! You are growing and learning and it's a joy to watch you.

For your 11th birthday, Daddy and I took you out for breakfast to the Cioccolatta restaurant downtown. It's a bustling little place where lots of business people have meetings over coffee. You looked around at some of the formal attire and said that maybe you hadn't dressed right for breakfast! Our server was very nice and gave you a choice of cake for your birthday. I loved your decision - a delicious panqueque de chocolate. In true Alec fashion, you offered bites to the rest of us to enjoy as well. As we've done at each birthday this year, we pulled out my cell phone to review past birthday posts and be reminded of sweet memories through your childhood. 

Daddy pointed out that last year we had dinner at Red Lobster and we have a funny story from that visit. Our cool dude server said he had a new bike outside and you might enjoy admiring his new wheels. We looked for some amazing motorcycle on our way out, only to see a motorized bicycle instead! Maybe it just struck our funny bone that night, but we still laugh about it to this day.

After breakfast on your birthday, we took a walk around Plaza Prat and there were some unique stands on display! One was a mobile Registro Civil, which I ducked into for a document I needed while you and Dad visited some of the artisan sellers nearby. Then you and I had an adventure climbing onto a mobile earthquake simulator! It was programmed for any and all earthquakes in Chile in the past couple of decades, and the "luck of the draw" for us happened to be the biggest one - a  magnitude 8.8 in 2010. We sat on the shaking cab with a few other men and watched the crowds gaping at us. An unusual birthday outing, but rather unforgettable!

Later in the day, our missionary family joined us for more cake (this time, your choice of cuatro leches) and singing Happy Birthday and a game of Upwords where you and I started as partners but your enthusiasm quickly waned. It was a simple yet special time of celebrating you and starting off a week of birthdays in our family.

We love you, Alec Stephen! Keep focusing on Jesus and He will continue to guide your life and give you purpose each day. You are a special member of our family and we are so thankful that God gave us the privilege of being your parents. 

Happy 11th Birthday!


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