Saturday, April 08, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday, Alec Stephen

Dear Alec,

It is cute and fun to observe your growing excitement as your birthday draws near! Different ideas bubble forth and it's not possible to do them all, but visiting the Lego store was at the top of your list this year. You are normally the child that hangs on to his money the longest, spending some but not all until the time is right. You had a plan and although the circles we walked around the store seemed endless (and the 50% off section didn't resonate with you like it did with Mommy!) finally you found what you were looking for. Superheroes and Legos, apparently your perfect combination.

Nine years into your life and you are still a fascinating mystery to us, Alec! Daddy and I enjoy hearing your thoughts and observing your choices which give us a glimpse into the way your mind works. You are and always have been a blend of rambunctious boy and serious "old soul" (that is a term adults use to describe a young person whose words and actions are often quieter and more thoughtful than his peers.) Like at this very moment as I write, your two older brothers are riotously wrestling while you studiously examine your toes. What are you thinking? As usual, I don't know! ;)

Being a deep thinker can be a wonderful way to learn more about God as you grow. Our greatest hope and prayer for you, Alec, is to become a  man of courage, integrity and compassion who passionately pursues Jesus! We want to encourage you to discover who God made you to be and what He has planned for your life. This year will be full of changes as our family returns to the States for furlough and you are introduced to many new people and places. I am so glad we get to experience life with you and look forward to lots of great memories with our new 9-year old!

Daddy and I love you, Alec Stephen! Happy 9th Birthday!

All my love,

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