Sunday, April 08, 2018

Double Digits for Alec (Happy 10th Birthday!)

Dear Alec,

You have finally reached the "double digits" that you long dreamed of! What a privilege to celebrate YOU alongside so many family members who love you: Grandpa and Grandma Garcia, Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom Christian, Aunt Terri and Uncle Dave, your cousins Benjamin, Nathaniel and Sophia, and of course, Daddy and Mommy and siblings Eva, Isabel, Owen, Ian and Silas!

This has been a big and busy year in your life as we moved to the States and you entered Highland Elementary School, meeting new teachers, making new friends and finding new routines. It has been fun to watch you and Ian as you are the last to leave each morning and carry on lengthy, creative (and often conflictive!) conversations as make your breakfast and lunch for the day. Your favorite thing is having enough time left over for a quick card game with Mommy before school! Walking to school on your own with your brother - and often the neighbor kids - has been a great way to feel independent. You have made some great memories!

For your 10th birthday, in addition to your family celebration you asked for a special dinner date with Mom and Dad to a restaurant that had always piqued your curiosity: Red Lobster! Of course you wanted to try the most grown-up options, so for the first time ever you tried lobster tail and also enjoyed your favorite shrimp. The wait staff even brought you a bowl of ice cream and sang Happy Birthday!

Perhaps of all our children, you can often be the quietest and keep us guessing about what is really on your mind. So I brought a list of questions with me to the dinner table, and I think you enjoyed answering them. Some were serious, others silly but Daddy and I enjoyed hearing your thoughts.

Alec, as you turn 10 years old we want you to know that we are so happy that you are our son and we are so proud of you! You have put forth an excellent effort in school this year, showing initiative and self-motivation with your studies. You have been a help to your teacher and a good friend to your classmates. You are a great big brother to Silas and it always warms my heart to see that you genuinely enjoy having your whole family around you. I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus and follow Him each day! You love to read and God is writing a great adventure just for you. I can't wait to see what it's all about.

Happy 10th Birthday, Alec Stephen! Daddy and I love you.


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