Monday, April 09, 2018

46 Years and a California Birthday

Dear Pedro,

April 9, 1972 was a day that changed my life, and I wasn't even around yet to know it. It was the day you were born in Lapeer, Michigan and began your life's journey that would take you across the state, the country and eventually the world. Twenty-three years later, by God's grace our paths coincided and I am so thankful they did!

It was a sweet blessing to share the morning of your 46th birthday with a house full of our six children and your two parents who had flown from Florida to generously watch their grandchildren while we flew away for eight days' time. It was an unusual way to celebrate, taking one plane after another on our voyage from coast to coast. You didn't complain, and I hope it was not a disappointment to end your birthday collapsing into a strange bed after driving, flying, and driving again on dark and unfamiliar California highways. It was certainly another adventure on our ever-growing list of memories together! And I for one am so glad to have shared it with you.

In fact, I am glad for every adventure and memory we have made together and I look forward to each one that is still to come. You are my best friend and confidante, my laughter and safe place to land. You lead our family lovingly and make the partnership of marriage a daily joy. I am so thankful for the time we were given together away from usual scenes and routines and eventually out into God's great earth to be overwhelmed by His amazing creation. What began on your birthday became a weeklong gift of being together and I loved every minute!

Happy Birthday, my Sweets, and thank you for so many selfless acts you perform daily for me and our children, our family and our friends. May God be your guide and your Rock and your righteousness as you follow him and focus on what He has in store for this next year of your life! As long as He allows, I will be right here beside you.

I love you,

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