Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Happy 17th Birthday, Eva Grace

Dear Eva -

What a whirlwind the day of your 17th birthday was! It included your friend from Iquique flying to the States with her family, and winter weather delays that turned into school cancellations, and last-minute plan changes that resulted in you and Isabel accompanying us on the long round trip to New York City and back again. Despite all the craziness, I hope your day was special and that you sensed how much you are loved.

It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that you are seventeen years old. This past year of your life has been a challenging one, saying goodbye to the familiar and to friends in Iquique while facing hurdles of fear and doubt as you set foot in a large new school campus in the United States and initially struggled to make friends. But on the morning of your birthday, you shared the story of how you recently noticed a girl sitting alone at lunch and reached out to her. You told me about a boy who seemed lonely and with whom you struck up a conversation. You were excited that the betta club you created is now "officially" related to FFA and members of that association are involved and interested in it. You had a dream, and you worked hard to see it become a reality! Daddy and I are so proud of you for persevering.

We have seen you grow in many ways this year. One of my greatest joys is observing how of your own accord you often seek God's Word in the morning. I love hearing your enthusiasm over this semester's Bible class, especially as ancient truths spring to new life in your heart and understanding.

Daddy and I both love to watch you create. You astonish us with your artistic imagination and how you can see a flowing, colorful fish in a piece of tinfoil and tissue paper. We marvel at your tenacity when you tackle a new subject (usually related to animals!) and pore over it in studious investigation until you know it inside and out. You are such a great researcher.

This year it has been my privilege to walk beside you as you stared down some of your deepest struggles. My heart has often ached for your pain while being inspired by your courage. There is no doubt in my mind that God has important, meaningful work for you to accomplish in this world for His glory! The future looks too close to me now as we see glimpses of how soon your high school career will be done and you will pursue other goals in your life. But for now I will cherish seeing my first baby girl grow, spread her wings and fly.

I love you, always and forever -


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