Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Dozen Years Old - Eva Grace

Dear Eva,

I chose this picture of you for your birthday post because it represents so well the fun-loving girl you are today. It's true, sometimes Daddy and I smile and roll our eyes over your non-stop animated conversation (whether anyone's listening or not!) and sometimes we sigh over your "lawyerly" abilities to argue your point to exhaustion. :)

But truthfully, we are very proud of you and we love your energy and joyfulness and we thank GOD so much for making you our precious daughter and first child twelve years ago. It seems impossible that you are literally on the brink of adolescence, but we will treasure this final year of your childhood and look forward to making many special memories - starting today!

Thank you for your love for us, expressed in words and kisses and hugs and your desire to always be close to Mommy and Daddy. We love you more than words could say. Happy 12th Birthday, Eva Grace!


P.S. I also chose this picture for your beloved pink hat, worn practically to threads for the past year. You love it to pieces (almost literally) but were willing to give it away to Pop-Pop when we left the States, if he really meant it when he asked you for it. :) 
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Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Eva!!!

BumbersBumblings said...

I feel so old!! I totally remember holding her as in infant at abwe! Interesting that I was really intrigued by her adoption and here we are just a few years later with two of our own precious adoptions. Thanks for being such an amazing example for me for so many years! Happy birthday to precious Eva!!

Terri Fisher said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet Eva! I will always remember that Mother's Day weekend when she came home and we all landed at your little apartment in Scranton. I so enjoyed spending time with you this past year, Eva! We love you very much!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Eva!! What a beautiful sweet girl you are! We have been praying for your whole family since your move back home to Chile. Hope you had a great birthday.