Tuesday, February 05, 2013

New Preacher (Back) in Town

Four years ago when we first arrived in Iquique, I posted a video under the title "New Preacher in Town." At the time, Pedro was still very much learning the language and in fact he was reading from a Biblical text during most of that video (as opposed to teaching extemporaneously.) While he will humbly acknowledge that he is definitely still learning - especially after a entire year away from the language for furlough ministry - Pedro's Spanish has continued to improve and it was thrilling again to hear him preach at our church in Iquique. 

This past Sunday (not the week this video was taken) we had friends visiting from Santiago. In fact, it was the pastor and wife with whom we worked during our first year in Chile, and it was really encouraging to hear their remarks about how far everyone's Spanish had come - even our kids, especially Owen, whose rudimentary and grumpy phrases at the beginning were well remembered. We laughed now about the things Owen would say (at merely two years old) such as: "No comprende!" or "No quiere!" when people would try to approach him, although at the time it was rather embarrassing to us as parents and new missionaries!

Later I'll post more about the visit with our friends, but for now just wanted to include this brief clip from Pedro's first time preaching back in Iquique. May God continue to use my husband and our entire family to share His Word, for His glory and purposes in this needy city. We are willing, but only He is able!

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