Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Morning & Evening in Iquique

Iquique is often referred to by Chileans from other parts of the country as a "bohemian" city. I think what they mean is that Iquique is known for being free-spirited and unrestrained (for better AND for worse.) We certainly wouldn't argue that point! 

Yet it is a city of contrasts, and these two visuals capture that quality. Below is a picture taken from our third-floor window this morning, facing behind our house. At an early hour the city is absolutely silent, with dark windows obscuring still-sleeping inhabitants and the glow of a sunrise warming an otherwise tranquil sea. It is peaceful and beautiful. 

the view behind our house early in the morning
The quietness of morning, however, is not reflected in Iquique's nights. The video below was taken from our car window as we snaked down the Costanera highway on a recent summer's evening. Despite the late hour and darkness, people were everywhere and music reverberated over the deep waves. The city inhabitants and out-of-town visitors exuded energy that pulsed with the contagious beat.

On most night like these, it isn't until the wee hours of morning that the city sleeps again, finally tired from the festivities and frantic pace of the night. Such is the cycle of life in this desert "paradise" by the great Pacific. Iquique may mean "place of rest" but it takes effort to make this true! Our hope and prayer is to share the source of True Rest to those around us. May it be so.

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