Friday, February 07, 2014

Happy Birthday to Our Beautiful Teenager

To my precious oldest daughter on your 13th birthday: 

Dear Eva,

See the photograph below? That is how I will always picture the beautiful baby girl God placed in our arms 13 years ago. I spent hours in that comfortable old recliner, rocking you gently and gazing into your curious little eyes. For so many years I had dreamed of holding my child, but even my dreams could not capture the blessed reality of having a sweet, chubby-cheeked daughter snuggled in my arms and gazing up at me. You brought our entire family such love and joy.

This next two pictures make me smile because we had no idea that little Eva would grow up to be such a devout lover of animals! One of your characteristics today is how much you enjoy animals big and small. It is my hope that you will someday be able to use even your love for "four-legged friends" for God's glory. I pray, too, that you will understand and appreciate how very much God loves you and how every aspect of who you are was carefully chosen by Him when He created you.

I want you to know, Eva, that Daddy and I love you just as much (even more!) today than ever. The teenage years may be a crazy ride, but when has crazy ever stopped the Garcia family? :) We look forward to taking this journey at your side and helping you to spread your wings as you encounter new experiences and opportunities in life and ministry.

God can use these teenage years of your life to teach you, guide you and make you a blessing to others as you keep your eyes on Him! It is our prayer that you will grow closer and closer to your Savior and see His hand at work in every aspect of your life. Cherish your family, your friendships, and apply yourself to learning and growing and using your knowledge to bless others for God's glory - and in so doing this year and those to come will be some of the most wonderful of your life.

We are so thankful God gave us you. We are proud of you and we love you so much! 
Happy 13th Birthday, Eva Grace!

Love, Mommy

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Eva.

I can only imagine how patient you must have been while getting all those tiny braids put in. WOW!!

From your Lapeer friends