Sunday, February 07, 2016

Happy 15th Birthday, Eva Grace

Dear Eva,

This year, we rushed into your 15th birthday right on the heels of such a busy month of travel (to Santiago and Peru.) Your birthday fell on a Sunday which is always a full day! We didn't have much time to plan and your celebration was simple, but you expressed such sweet appreciation for it. You were so happy with the yummy birthday cake from your newest missionary "aunt" Pam Sharp, and the company of Aunt Pam and Uncle Jon for gifts and snacks and cake (and the Super Bowl!)

Your heart of gratitude on your birthday was such a blessing to me. This past year, it has been a joy to watch you mature in many areas. I love how you enjoy your new baby brother and you have been such a big help with him. In school, I have seen you discipline yourself to rise early and get started on the tasks at hand. It is especially sweet to know you are developing a habit to open and read God's Word each day. It has been fun to watch you adjust to your first job as a mother's helper twice a week, and encouraging to see you overcome fears such as riding the elevator to the 23rd floor in order to do so!

I can hardly believe that you are fifteen years old and that we are doing things like setting up your first Facebook account and preparing to start high school in just a few weeks. While there are many new and exciting memories still to be made, I feel nostalgia for the years that have flown by! But I rejoice to know you are God's child and He has wonderful things in store for your future. Daddy and I love you very much. Thank you for your good night hugs and "I love you's!" May this be a very special and memorable year in your life. It is a privilege to be your mom!  

Love always,
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