Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Little Meaningful Moments

Since Silas' birth, by default I spend more time in our third-floor bedroom which also contains his nursery "nook." The other children often request permission to come up and visit; but none more than my oldest daughter who regularly seeks out one-on-one time with Mom. One morning this week she arrived as I attempted to complete my personal quiet time.

I had read and journaled some thoughts from Job, having now turned to my handwritten list for prayer. However (true confessions!) I was really struggling to stay awake as I tried to bring the requests to prayer. My daughter's eager proximity gave me the idea of enlisting a second prayer warrior, so I invited her to take turns with me as we went through the names on the pages.

Her curiosity was evident as I explained some of the needs listed there. "Do you pray for these very day? How many pages are there?" were some of her questions. I confessed that I don't get to or through the list every day; it is something I am working on in my spiritual life. I gave her the example of a mutual friend who inspires me and does have a wonderful habit of praying daily for many more people than I can ever remember! 

My hope was that by sharing with sincerity my own goals and struggles - and fleshing out the example of simple prayer side by side - this might be a little meaningful moment in her own spiritual understanding. It was a short but sweet time; but may it count for eternity!

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