Saturday, February 07, 2015

Celebrating Her 14 Years (Eva)

To our animal-loving, song-composing, Odyssey-listening, horse-riding, and always-creative oldest daughter: 

Happy 14th Birthday, Eva Grace! It is such a delight to watch you growing and maturing in heart, mind and body as you enter your second year as a teenager. Daddy and I often shake our heads in amazement that our first baby girl has turned into a beautiful young lady so quickly before our eyes. We have been so proud to see you taking steps of faith this past year such as rising early and beginning your day in God's Word, participating in youth group, and even overcoming your apprehensions to attend camp this summer.

We are also thankful for your helpfulness at home. Though chores are not always your favorite, you fulfill your responsibilities and even impress us with your abilities to quickly organize a room when asked! Sometimes you even have the patience to watch your little brothers for a spell. I should also mention you have learned to make a delicious chocolate crazy cake this year! :)

Of course, this letter would not be complete without recognizing your newest passion which has been a huge part of your life this past year. When you are not riding horses twice a week, you are reading about them, drawing them, playing with replicas of them, talking about them, and even handwriting your own encyclopedia about them! We are grateful that God surprised us with the opportunity for you to explore this area of interest with riding classes offered through the military. It was something we never dreamed of, but God in His goodness gave you this gift. I hope you'll always remember this as an example of His great love for His children!

We look forward to seeing how God leads throughout your life to use your enjoyment of His creatures to serve Him. Always remember that first and foremost, our love and loyalty is to the Creator and Giver of life - and to His Son, whose sacrifice provided a way for our salvation. We love you so much and He loves you even more! Happy 14th birthday to our darling daughter.

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Eva! 14 was a big year for my teens. I hope you have a wonderful one. I love that you are able to ride often.