Saturday, December 09, 2017

Ian Turns Ten!

Dear Ian,

What a big year this has been for you! Without a doubt you are enjoying life to the fullest as you embrace our time in the United States and especially your new school and neighborhood. We hear from your teachers that you are a pleasure to have in class, always happy and helpful and engaged with the activities and people around you. And this is not to say it has all been easy! Earlier this summer you bravely endured some big days of testing and now each school day you face the challenge of moving between special classes at multiple times, but always with a smile on your face. More than once you have come home with a handwritten note from a new friend, evidence that others are drawn to your joyful heart and fun-loving spirit.

Inside our family, there is one sibling who adores your laughter and play more than any other! Your little brother Silas gives you the biggest belly laughs and squeals and can't get enough of your games of growling and chasing him in circles around the house. During soccer season, you were such a big helper with him during the games when you pushed his stroller around the field and kept him entertained when for safety's sake he couldn't be set "free." A favorite picture of the two of you was taken after one of those soccer game mornings:

Your birthday this year was a little different with the actual day spent at the home of our friends, Pastor Jim and "Aunt" Charlene Barnes. But with balloons, confetti and cupcakes you had a wonderful celebration and my favorite part of it all was Alec's admiration when you donned your new headphones to listen to music Daddy had chosen for your little MP3 player. "Ian! You look like you are eleven, or twelve years old!" he exclaimed. And you just grinned in glad agreement.

I am happy that a couple of days later, you also were able to celebrate your birthday with cousins and grandparents! The Garcia and Fisher boys enjoyed bowling together and then we all descended on Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house. It was wall-to-wall grandkids and a little chaotic but you had your requested strawberry ice cream with a delicious white cake from the Shady Maple bakery. Best of all it was Mom-Mom's birthday, too, so we sang to both of you and then recorded long-distance Whatsapp birthday greetings for cousins Matias and Kai as well!

Physically you are growing up so fast, but I am glad that your heart is still that of a little boy. One of your favorite presents this birthday was a Build-a-Bear you made as Mom-Mom's gift to you. (Camouflage green and dressed in fatigues, you named him David after yourself.) I am glad you still enjoy Legos and cars, scooters and bikes and trampolines. You like to stay busy and you love to play! I hope you never lose your appreciation of simple joys and that you continue to be an encouraging friend as you grow up.

Most of all, I pray that your heart will begin to grasp the great love of God for you - for YOU! - just as He created you to be. I pray you will be confident in this without comparison to others as you seek the path He has prepared for you, but that you also will be humble in recognizing your need for Him.

I love you, Ian David, and am so thankful to be your Mom - from Haiti, to home, and beyond!


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