Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday, Ian

Dear Ian,

Finally the year - which to you seems nearly endless - rolled back around to your birthday! We hope you enjoyed your special celebrations. A couple of days early, we headed to the Zofri mall with your brothers Owen and Alec and your missionary "cousins" Kristi, Kylie and Joseph (a.k.a. JoJo) Spink. There the six of you had fun playing games at Happyland, eating KFC at the food court, and building a few creations at the Lego store. Today on your actual birthday, you excitedly opened gifts from family and later welcomed some more special friends for cake and ice cream.

One of my favorite moments on birthdays is going around the table so each family member can say what he or she loves about the birthday boy or girl. This is what we heard today:

Isabel - loves Ian because he is funny
Eva - because he likes to help
Owen - because he's always happy
Alec - because he plays with me and he's my brother from Haiti
Mommy & Daddy - because he is a helper and hard worker and we are proud of all he has learned this year in school (especially reading!)

Another favorite moment of mine this year was when you received your phone call from Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop in Pennsylvania. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of family and friends and games, you gave your undivided attention to talking with them and had a big smile hearing them sing "Happy Birthday" to you! 

Just like last year, you put in a request for strawberry cake (which Mommy does not know how to make.) But this year we knew of someone who could bake such a treat, so strawberry cake it was! You have your own special likes and dislikes, and apparently strawberry cake is one of them. (Another is preferring eggs over sweet breakfasts and ham and cheese over peanut butter and jelly!) Our friend Mrs. McGuire took a picture of our family around the cake, with her daughter Ruthie joining us.

We love you very much! We are thankful for your happy disposition and your caring heart. You are especially tender and loving with your new baby brother, Silas. We know that God has special things in store for your life. Happy 8th Birthday, Ian David!


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