Sunday, December 09, 2012

Happy Birthday! Ian Is Five

the birthday boy
It's unreal, but today Ian turns five years old! We celebrated his big occasion with cake and cousins at home last night. This boy is all about the thrill of being the center of attention and the adrenaline high of opening presents in the presence of his peers. Needless to say, he was all smiles!

siblings and cousins gather for the fun
This year has been a significant one for Ian, perhaps most notably due to starting pre-school this fall. He has thrived on the routine of school and greatly enjoyed the social interaction. Throughout the fall he has also undergone some testing to help evaluate his language skills. This has revealed an underlying struggle with understanding language despite his infinite joy in using it (he does love to talk!)

trying to capture a smile amidst the gifts
And speaking of joy, that is certainly a word to describe Ian. He lives life to the fullest and most of the time is a bubbly, happy ball of energy. (The only time he's not is first thing in the morning - besides loving to talk, he cherishes his sleep!) Even when he's arguing with Alec or Kendra, his full-time companions and discussion buddies, Ian is usually pretty enthusiastic about the subject at hand.

apparently the car from Uncle Mark was a favorite!
One of Ian's favorite phrases is "just so you know." Often it's used out of context and we've all learned to take it with a chuckle! But what I want to say to Ian on his birthday is this:

Just so you know ... we love you. Just so you know ... we're thankful you are our son. Just so you know ... we will always be here to help you. Happy Birthday, Ian! Keep smiling for Jesus because just so you know ... He loves you best of all!

Love, Mommy

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