Friday, December 09, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to Ian

the birthday boy: Ian, turning 4

Growing up in Chile, Ian will always have the distinct privilege of having a holiday on the eve of his birthday! We took advantage of this on Thursday as we invited two families to join us for a meal and celebration of his special day. Both families are new friends and fellow ex-pats here in Iquique.

Ian and Simon have birthdays two days apart

Jenny-Lyn and her husband Peter hail from Canada and came to Iquique for his work at an area mine. They have two little boys at home, Matthew (age 5) and Simon (who turned 4 on Wednesday.) The Hunters, Aaron and Francis, very recently arrived to Iquique and are burdened for church planting. They have a sweet little 2 1/2 year old son, Ezra.

eight little kids and one big "kid" around the birthday cake

Birthdays for my Haitian sons always strike a special chord with me because of the special delight they find in them. Birthday celebrations were a bright spot in their lives while in Haiti, and they brought that enjoyment home with them! I love seeing their eyes sparkle and witnessing their anticipation - and in today's case, Alec's support for Ian despite his initial disappointment that it wasn't his birthday, too. (He rallied and made sure to inform all of our guest that today was "Ian's birthday!" and even handled present time like a little champ.)

excited onlookers at gift-opening time

Maybe the highlight of the day for Ian was learning that being four years old means pre-school in the fall! He is getting so big and tall, and today he acted every inch of his new age. He welcomed his guests graciously and ate two heaping plates of food and for the most part didn't fight over toys and waited patiently for present time. He even generously allowed his siblings to handle his new gifts and play with them!

Ian had lots of eager help for unwrapping gifts

Ian's 3rd birthday was his first at home - I wrote about it here. And we did do a joint celebration for the boys' first birthday in Haiti - that post is here. The poem below is one I wrote in December 2008 as Ian's first birthday approached. I am so thankful that God has given us some special birthdays together since then, and I pray He gives us a lifetime more!

We love you, Ian David Garcia!

back row: Francis, Aaron, Pedro, Jenny-Lyn
middle row: birthday boy Ian with brother Alec

front row: Isabel, Matthew, Eva, Owen, Ezra, Simon

First Birthday: Ian

A special day is on its way:

The day you came to be.

When you were born on a Haitian morn

In that land across the sea.

What I would do to be with you

On this very special day!

While miles apart, you’re in my heart

And so I want to say:

Ian, my son, my precious one –

Your life was meant to be.

God knit your frame and knew your name,

He holds your destiny.

May this day be filled with blessing; still,

I wish I could do more

To show you there how much we care,

And the hope we have in store.

But for today I can only say

Happy Birthday, cherished son.

We send our love through the Father above

Until, finally! – this wait is done.

- shg 12.06.08

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Terri Fisher said...

Happy Birthday, Ian! Can't wait to have four four year olds at my house all at once...what fun it will be!