Friday, April 08, 2016

To Alec on His 8th Birthday

Dear Alec,

The day has finally come! You have been looking forward to this 8th birthday for awhile now. There has been a big change since last year's birthday - you are no longer the "baby" of the family! And I think that you are pretty happy about that. :) You are one tough cookie (as I write this I am picturing you holding an ice pack to a big bump on your head from skateboarding yesterday, yet another hard knock that you picked yourself up from and kept chugging along with nary a tear.)

Orange is your favorite color and the shade of your shirt and the cake you have requested for your birthday. You loved the outfit in this picture, which I brought back from the States for you just a few days ago, and asked for it to be specially washed for today. I think the saying is perfect for you! You are fun-loving yet very competitive and your favorite position in soccer is goalie, which I think takes some special courage. This year you are doing homeschooling for the first time, and it is neat to watch you learn and quickly grasp new content in 2nd grade. Yesterday you and Ian explained to me what "onomatopoeia" means - like the word "pop!" It was something you learned in school while I was away and you were excited to share your new-found knowledge.

Alec, Daddy and I love you and thank God for you! It is our prayer that you will turn your passion and grit and intelligence toward serving Jesus with your whole heart. He can and will do great things through you if you obey and follow Him. Happy 8th birthday to our sweet son!

All my love,

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