Sunday, July 31, 2011


cousins and best buds, Owen and Micah

If there is something these two cousins are lacking, it is not imagination. Nor charisma. Truly, it is hilarious to observe their relationship and especially to listen unnoticed to their curious conversations!

As I began writing this post, Owen was in the kitchen finishing his supper while Micah was in the living room. The following was Micah's side of the conversation they proceeded to have from room to room:
"And I made it drive by itself ... and I got on top of the spaceship. And I jumped off the spaceship! No, you can break your suit! No you can't do anything. You're just a normal person. Not me! I jumped off with a jet pack. And you broke your suit on purpose! You need a parachute. Since I'm going slow, I just used my jet pack and landed. And pretend, they tied you up. So you went like this, 'I'm tied.' Owen, and you were tied up! You were like, like ... but I did this to you on the wall. And I killed the guards. And I got this bomb and I went 'fuh!'"
Another time the two boys came bounding like a couple of border collies down the stairs. Owen had his hands outstretched as though pushing down an imaginary object. "Micah! I am 'forcing you' down," he said as he exerted downward pressure on the air. (Of course, Micah proceeded to fight back with his imaginary light saber.) Next Owen circled his thumb and middle finger into a semi-circle and announced, "Now I am choking you. I have become Darth Vader!"

It is so much fun to watch these two cousins and best buds, and to hope that their close relationship will continue far into their growing up years and always. Somehow they truly "get" one another in a special way. This post from three years ago shows just how much! :)

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