Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Micah! (one day late)

My nephew Micah and I almost share a birthday - almost, but not quite, as his is one day before mine. The year he was born, our family (Pedro and I) welcomed a baby boy just five days later on February 17. One of the dreams I had for that little boy was the friendship I envisioned him having with Micah someday because of the closeness of their ages.

In one of the most difficult seasons of our lives up to that point, we experienced a failed adoption (reclaim) of 'our' baby boy just one week after his birth. In the midst of that grief, a part of my sadness was the loss of the dream of his friendship with Micah.

But, God is so good. One year and a few months later, we found ourselves looking down on our tiny little Owen in his NICU bassinet. Today he is almost as tall as his cousin and the two of them are better buddies than I could even have imagined. Watching the two of them - Owen and Micah - is one of my favorite pastimes when we are together. And when we are apart, Owen continues to pretend that Micah is still at his side with many funny stories and commentaries of the imaginary things they supposedly do with each other!

So Micah, Happy Birthday. Thank you for being Owen's best buddy. And I am glad that Aunt Steph finally found a present you liked this year. :) We love you very much!


Terri Fisher said...

And Happy Birthday to you, Steph! Sorry we didn't get a card off this year...we weren't sure where to send it, but I realize now had I been on the ball, I could have sent it to Santiago...oh well! Hope your day is great! Love you!

Alisha said...

Happy Birthday, Steph!!!