Sunday, July 31, 2011

Then & Now: Owen and Micah Duets

As I browsed older posts this evening, I stumbled upon a video from three years ago which featured young cousins Owen and Micah singing a Spanish duet. We laughed so hard as tonight one family member after another took turns with the headphones to listen to this "blast from the past!"

Then my sister Jenn had the idea to ask Owen and Micah to sing a new and updated duet of the same song (it just so happens that we had sung it in church this morning, so that worked out well.) As you can see, it didn't take much convincing and the boys got into the act quite animatedly!

Besides the fact that we asked the boys to sit side by side in the order they had done originally, nothing else was planned. So when we compared the two videos and realized that (a) Micah was chewing gum in both; (b) Owen had silly glasses on in both; (c) Owen was wearing a striped shirt in both; and (d) Micah was comfy in sweatpants in both ... we had to laugh even more. Some things just never change about this crazy duo, even in three years! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the gum and the glasses. I noticed that right off the bat and cracked up laughing! I wonder if Micah has gum in his mouth this very moment and if Owen is wearing a costume or glasses of some sort. :-)

heather marie