Friday, June 04, 2010


My sister Terri and her family have been APPROVED to adopt their Sophia ("Beautiful Jade!") God was so gracious and allowed them to get this answer in just three short weeks ... now the work begins in earnest as they must re-update their homestudy and re-do fingerprints and get all their new paperwork notarized and sealed, etc. plus raise the final funds needed to bring Sophia home. Oh, I am beyond thrilled and dying to share a picture but waiting for permission!

  • that God would allow their paperwork to fly through the system with ease and rapidity (the average is 6-8 more months from now)
  • that He would provide in amazing ways the finances necessary for the orphanage fee, travel expenses, etc.
  • that Sophia would continue to grow in health and strength as she receives therapy for her CP multiple times daily
  • that God would prepare Sophia's heart to fall in love with her new family and prepare her new family (four big brothers!) to fall in love with her as well

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Ragan said...

What great news Steph! I couldn't be happier for Terri :) Her family will definitely be in my prayers.