Friday, June 04, 2010

A Must Must Must-Read Blog

Last night I spent hours reading Kevin Hoffman's blog after watching this interview with him online:
He is the author of a new book entitled "Growing Up Black in White" in which he shares his experiences of having been adopted and growing up as the biracial son of white parents in 1960's-70's Detroit.

On his blog he also shares many of these experiences as well as his story of searching for his birth parents and now raising his own sons. He addresses topics of interest to transracial adoptive families such as teaching your children the "rules" about race; adoption issues vs. parenting issues; controlling the people (even family members) who touch your children's lives; "in-race" racism; and skin and hair care (complete with videos, I might add!)

What more can I say? As I entitled this post, his blog is a Must Must Must-Read for transracial adoptive parents. It is that good.

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