Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sweet on Silas

Silas in the arms of each of his siblings

"Look at him! He's so CUTE!" "Mom, did you hear what Silas did today?" "Look at Silas! Look at Silas!" "Check out what Silas is doing!" "Hi, Silas! I love you!" All these and more are precious words exclaimed over and over these past eleven months in our home. Ever so sweet, they are words expressed not only by Mom and Dad but even more frequently by Silas' five older siblings. To say this little baby is adored by his big brothers and sisters would be quite an understatement!

Isabel feeding Silas on a family visit to the beach

On a recent visit to Chile, my sister Terri had the opportunity to observe our kids over a period of time and in several different contexts. Later she remarked, "I think it's neat how much your older kids seem to really enjoy Silas." Thankfully, this is so true and I thought it would be special to write down some of the ways the Fab Five are truly "sweet on Silas!"

Owen on "Silas duty" at the airport last summer

Since Silas came, our new nickname for big sister Eva is "the baby whisperer." On those occasions when he is fussy and squirmy and needing to sleep, we call on her calming talents. Often she will turn Silas to face her, wrap his legs around her waist, and he will just lean forward and fall asleep. He never does that with Mommy and Daddy! Silas undoubtedly feels very comfortable in Eva's arms. Although she has her typical big-sister moments of aggravation when baby brother gets into her things, for the most part Eva delights in Silas' newest achievements. Over the past months she has often urged me, "Mom! Write this down in his baby book! Silas is doing something new!" (Unfortunately, so far there is no baby book ... this is, after all, baby #6!)

Silas resting peacefully on Eva during a brief season of sickness

Isabel is a big sister who likes to play, not only with Silas but with his brothers as well. She can be silly and giddy with them sometimes (which they all love) when she doesn't have her nose stuck in a book - or her Kindle reader, as the case may be! Isabel's nickname is Sissy. Most recently, she has taught Silas to do a high five which is adorable. He lifts his chubby little palm to hers and then claps for himself afterwards with a huge smile on his face! 

Alec and Silas keeping one another company at home

Owen has been in charge of teaching Silas such important things as the football roar and making him believe he has great power over his big brother. Owen will crawl close and tease Silas into "hitting" him, then flip backwards with tremendous showmanship as if baby brother had the power of the Hulk himself. Not surprisingly, this garners great delight from Silas! (And a bit of trepidation from his parents who hope Silas doesn't try his newly discovered "powers" on other unsuspecting small children!)

Alec and Ian enjoying new playground equipment with a very happy Silas

Speaking of delight, Ian can boast of obtaining the best belly laughs from Silas. The child could truly have a future in theater and loves to perform all kind of silliness for the joy of hearing his baby brother giggle. One of their favorite games involves Ian pursuing Silas on all fours and growling with gusto the closer he gets. Silas finds this absolutely thrilling and hilarious!

Ian entertaining Silas (and the photographer!)

Many mornings, Silas is awake before his brothers and sisters and anxiously awaits their arrival downstairs. At times he even stands at the baby gate and bellows up eagerly in hopes of some response from sleeping siblings. To his chagrin, it is mostly ineffective but eventually the first to appear is usually Alec. He goes straight to Silas with arms extended and is a loving protector of his little brother. Alec will often dash to close doors, secure gates and quickly grab Silas when he is headed for danger. He relishes the role of older sibling and is a great helper!

once the Fab Five, now the Sweet Six

As I watch my older children with their baby brother, often the thought comes to mind that every baby should be loved as much as he is. There is something so beautiful and bountiful about the sweetness they pour on Silas. I have learned more about loving by watching my "Fab Five" truly become the "Sweet Six!"

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