Friday, October 28, 2016

And Then We Met {Happy 1st Birthday, Silas!}

Dear Silas,

One year ago today, we set eyes on each other for the very first time as the doctors lifted you from my womb and the nurses placed us cheek to cheek for one swift moment. It felt surreal. But in that moment, after months of holding our breath and praying for the best, by the grace of God you were here.

It was hours after our quick acquaintance that you came back to us. Those hours you spent resting in an oxygen tent and I spent with your Daddy, waiting and watching the clock and writing to loved ones about your arrival.

It was the greatest relief when finally the nurses brought you to my room and Daddy and I could take turns simply holding you and marveling at your existence. It was a very quiet but sweet time, gently watching as you tightly slept through your early hours of adjustment to the outside world.

The next day, your brothers and sisters and Aunt Jenn and cousins Micah and Kai all came to see you. We arranged for a photographer to take some pictures as you and your siblings met for the very first time. Excitement, nervousness and wonder filled the room as each one took turns holding you. Only big brother Owen held back, choosing to cautiously observe you for several days before carefully extending his arms to such a tiny bundle!

After one more night in the hospital, we were able to take you home. Again, it felt surreal after so many months of waiting and wondering to finally have you with us. As the days went by we all spent a lot of time watching you, holding you and enjoying your sweetness. And for twelve whole months, we haven't stopped. 

Today is your one-year birthday and your entire family celebrates with you. Your surprise arrival has truly been a gift to all of us. Your sisters light up with tenderness when you are around. Your brothers find such delight in making you laugh, in teaching you tricks, in keeping you in a constant state of entertainment as much as they can. Daddy and Mommy have learned all over again about sleepless nights followed by morning snuggles.

We have enjoyed learning your expressions, your quirks, what makes you laugh and (nowadays) what makes you mad! It has been a rich, full, exhausting and thrilling year alongside you. We are so glad God allowed you to travel and meet your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in the United States during this year. And yesterday we celebrated your first birthday a day early with your missionary "aunts," "uncles" and "cousins" in Iquique. You are such a loved little boy.

We thank God for your life and pray that you will come to know the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior at a young age. We trust and believe He has a tremendous future planned for you. We love you SO much! Happy 1st Birthday, Silas Eben Garcia!

All my love, Mommy

(L) October 28, 2015  (R) October 27, 2016


Anonymous said...

WOW! I can not believe that Silas is a year old already! Time sure flies! I have enjoyed seeing your whole family grow up!

Ginny C. said...

Happy Birthday sweet, Silas!

Carin said...

This preciousness brings me to tears... my heart is full for you to overflowing!