Monday, December 09, 2013

Happy Half-a-Dozen, Ian!

(Ian then)

(Ian now)
Dear Ian,

Six years ago today, you were born. Though we would not know you for some months yet, in our hearts the hope of you had already begun to blossom. I remember the first time I held you. We had arrived, tired and weary from traveling mishaps and delays, to the airport in Haiti and to our surprise and great joy were welcomed by you and your brother waiting for us there! I first took you in my arms in the hot and bumpy and crowded back seat of a pickup truck. I was in awe of how tiny and delicate and needy you were.

God did incredible things to protect your life and today you are tall and strong and your big smile still wins the hearts of so many people around you. This year has been full of changes and challenges for you, with learning Spanish and entering Chilean pre-school but you have tackled it with as much gusto as you do everything else in life! It has been a learning opportunity all around but you have grown and made friends, all of whom are invited to share with you in your celebration at school (which should be quite the experience!)

We love you, Ian, and thank God for you. He has used you to teach us about Himself and to urge us toward unconditional love and patience, as well as childlike faith and joy. "There is only one you" - and we are glad you are our son.

Happy 6th Birthday, Ian David!


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