Tuesday, March 05, 2013

In His Brother's Footsteps

Today our youngest son Alec embarked on a brand-new adventure. For the first time ever, he walked into a classroom where he would (a) be taught completely in Spanish and (b) be without the faithful presence of his "yunta" (Chilean word for buddy, pal, partner) - his brother Ian.

smiling with Daddy before school

He was nervous and told us he wanted there to be someone who spoke English. We reassured him that there is one "Miss" (literally that is what she is called - say it with a Spanish accent - as opposed to "Tia" which is what the other teachers are called) who teaches English and would help him if he needed it. As we got him settled into the classroom, he was impressed by another set of parents who were also accompanying their son. The dad was a sailor in uniform (it took awhile to clarify that as opposed to "policeman" which Ian and Alec think is so cool) and he invited Alec to sit with their son. He also spoke to Alec in English, which immediately brought a sparkle to Alec's eyes!

"yuntas" (buddies) - Alec & Ian

Alec's teacher is very sweet. Her name is Tia Jenny, and after school she told me he had done well but that she remembered what I had told her about Alec being very serious when he is in a new situation. She said I was right, but that he seemed to understand some of what she said to him and otherwise they communicated with gestures! For his part, Alec was most excited to show me something in the classroom. "I played with the big guy!" he announced. Wondering who "big guy" might be exactly, I had to laugh when he pointed to a plastic superhero of some sort. At this point, whatever makes him feel happy and comfortable, I guess! :)

so handsome in uniform

After dropping Alec off (amidst a comedy of errors whereby I walked home and back and home and back because I became separated from Pedro and Ian and assumed they had left when they hadn't!) we finally made it to the house only to realize we had forgotten Alec's lunch bag. I dropped it off at the school and it was sad but humorous to stand outside the gate and simply listen to the first-day-of-school wails (especially of the youngest children.) Later I asked Alec if anyone in his class cried and he said, "Yes. Boys and girls!" But not him, he insisted. :)

finding his place in a new classroom

I love this little boy God has given us. He has a personality all of his own. Alec is a thinker - he thoroughly observes and takes in a situation before committing. He is not over-generous with his hugs and kisses, but he loves to wrestle. He absolutely idolizes his big brother Owen and wants to do whatever he does (especially if it involves playing on the Wii!) He is not a big talker, but I think he feels deeply. As Pedro said recently, of all the kids he is probably the one who in some ways is still dealing with all of our recent transitions.

I can't resist sharing this link in closing: Our Family by Owen ... in it you will find pictures of Owen wearing the same uniform as Alec will be modeling this year, and more importantly you will see little Alec and little Ian visiting the school long before the former ever became a student! In one of those pictures, Alec is surrounded by "fans" and you can perfectly see the serious face that I've described. We are trusting GOD for his growth and maturity as he studies and learns in this pre-kindergarten year. We love you, Alec Stephen!

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