Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Ray of Sunshine

If you've ever watched the Pixar film Toy Story, you may remember a scene where Woody is trying to explain to Buzz about the maniacal boy next door. As they have this conversation the neighbor boy is seen laughing and Buzz inquires, "You mean that 'happy' child?" It's a humorous comment and one that is oft-repeated in our home. We have a certain very energetic (not maniacal) little boy who often finds himself in scrapes for failing to think before acting or speaking ... but who is almost always very, very happy. Many times we will hear Ian off on his own just singing or talking joyfully to himself, and Pedro will look at me and say, "You mean that 'happy' child?" We can't help but smile and appreciate this special quality of our little boy.

Ian in uniform, first day of school

Well, today Ian was even happier than normal and that is because finally it was his turn to start school. He had watched longingly as all the other siblings brought home uniforms and school supplies, all the while asking when it would be his turn. Then he accompanied us to drop us first the three big kids and then Alec to their respective schools on the first day. Today it was his day! 

our pre-kindergartener

Usually Ian is our sleepyhead who struggles to wake up, but this morning he was calling for me before I ever made it downstairs. "Where's my clothes, Mom?" he wanted to know. Excitedly he pulled on socks and put shoes on the wrong feet. "Where's my backpack, Mom?" he asked. And then, "Where's my lunchbox, Mom?" He was skipping and dancing around the front patio with Owen while I finished the girls' hair. Then he was first in line to hop into the van when Daddy opened the door. He was raring to go!

Daddy & Ian at his first day of pre-school

After dropping off his older siblings, we walked the block and a half to Ian's school where he ran in and made himself at home with the toys on the patio. We greeted his teacher and she led us to his classroom, where we dropped off Ian's supplies and showed him around before he quickly took off for playtime again. Alec was enjoying the patio, too, but we called them both away for pictures and then it was time to leave and take Alec to his school.

Ian with Daddy & brother Alec

True to form, our happy child skipped to the gate with us and pleasantly kissed us goodbye. "Goodbye, Mommy! Goodbye, Daddy!" and he ran off to play again. As we made our way down the street, Ian did come back to the gate one more time. He squeezed his face up to the bars and again he happily called out, "Goodbye, Mommy! Goodbye, Daddy! Goodbye, Alec!" Then he was off.

Ian David, we love your joyful spirit and pray this is a wonderful year of learning and growing for you. You will certainly be a ray of sunshine at Jardin Infantil "Little Sun!"

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