Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012: The Great Adventure

New Year's Day - January 1, 2012

I started out 2012 by driving my family crazy before church with a plea for the perfect picture. While perfection was not realized (we only got two shots, and one of those with a head cut off!) we did manage to all look at the camera simultaneously and the result is what you see above.

I wanted this picture to symbolize the new beginning we face as a family.

The year 2012 is, in my mind at least, the year of "The Great Adventure." Moving from one continent to another with five children ages 10 and under is nothing short of that, for sure! Add visiting 20+ churches in as many weeks at the outset of the year as well as homeschooling for the very first time, and I don't think I exaggerate when I say we've got a lot of "excitement" in store. :)

My prayer for 2012 is that this "Great Adventure" will deepen our faith and strengthen our family in ways we cannot even anticipate.

I pray that the enforced proximity of furlough travel will bond our family together rather than tear us apart ... that hearing Daddy and Mommy repeat stories of God's work over and over again will build confidence rather than boredom ... that hours spent in homeschooling will reveal my children's hearts, their strengths and needs, in new ways to us.

I also pray that God will work in my own heart, to renew my faith and my fervor; to grow in me a greater love for my Savior; and to be strengthened and matured to minister more effectively to my family and to others.

I'm ready to saddle my horse!
Saddle up your horses we've got a trail to blaze
Through the wild blue yonder of God's amazing grace
Let's follow our leader into the glorious unknown
This is a life like no other - this is The Great Adventure

We'll travel over, over mountains so high
We'll go through valleys below
Still through it all we'll find that
This is the greatest journey that the human heart will ever see
The love of God will take us far beyond our wildest dreams

Yeah... oh saddle up your horses... come on get ready to ride

(-from The Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman)


Tanya said...

Will you be coming to Michigan at all? I'm an adoptive mom who has been following your story even before the boys came home. We are in the process of adopting from Haiti and would love to meet if it at all fits into your busy schedule.

stephanie garcia said...

Tanya, Yes! We will be in Michigan from February through early July. I'd love to connect. You can e-mail me at miesperanza3 (at) hotmail (dot) com. God bless!

Twinsplusthree said...

Will you be speaking in any NJ churches? or Bible Baptist in New Milford CT? Would love to hear you :)!

Twinsplusthree said...

Will you be speaking in any NJ churches? or making it to CT to Bible Baptist? or do you not know yet? Praying as you transition. Your kids will love all the new experiences!