Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why I Love September in Chile: Dress

Isabel, Owen & Eva dressed up & ready to celebrate

Yet another thing I love about September and Chile's Fiestas Patrias is the traditional dress that appears this one time a year. I love that women and girls alike will don the flowered skirts of the chinita or huasa de campo, and/or the formal black suit of the huasa de salon. I love what a throwback to a seemingly romantic era it is to see little boys and men in their dark pants with colorful ponchos or mantas thrown over their shoulders.

Tomorrow is our children's official program at school (in which they will be wearing different costumes and representing Chile from north to south) but today the school asked the students to arrive in typical dress for a fun half-day of practice and activities. The sun had yet to peek out when I snapped these photos, but the smiles say it all. What a handsome/beautiful trio of children we sent off to school today!

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