Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why I Love September in Chile: Family

Another reason I love September in Chile is the way it brings families together for special quality time. Traditional activities include cookouts and kite flying, dancing the cueca and playing dieciochero games. Passing on the traditions often means that one family member will spent time instructing another in the finer points of fancy footwork and the tried and true techniques of taking one's kite high in the sky.

This video was taken after the one previously posted (of Isabel and Owen bailando cueca.) Ian and Alec were enthusiastic observers for the first round and more than eager to try their own abilities after that! What they lacked in technique, they made up for in energy. But the sweetest part is their sister's patient instruction and even Owen's last-minute entrance to show them how the zapateo is done.

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panim said...

I think Alec has a future in dancing!!