Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ruta 5: Iquique to Arica (and back)

True, it is listed as one of the "World's 10 Most Dangerous Roads." But as often as we have driven it the past two years, each trip becomes more enjoyable.

Last weekend, Pedro and I once again traveled north to Arica for a combination of business (meeting with the owners of the house we rent in Iquique) and pleasure (belatedly celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary.) On the way, we snapped many pictures of this celebrated route.

There is a breathtaking immensity to the sweeping vistas between Iquique and Arica that capture the imagination and remind us of the awesome power of our Creator. There are also sobering reminders of the frailty of man, as evidenced by dozens of crosses lining each steep cuesta (uphill climb.) On this particular trip we also encountered several charred and broken vehicles, signs of more recent tragedy.

Perhaps your life's journey will never take you upon this particular "dangerous road" but through these photos, you are welcome to follow along!

hitting the road together

one of many detours off (should I say onto?) the beaten path

pictures don't do justice to the height of the mountains and depth of the valley,
nor of the contrast of the green below with the towering brown barrenness above

another view from above ... notice how far down it goes

because even with a 12x zoom, this wreck is still far, far away

wonder what these are?? so do we ... modern art in the desert

taking a break to observe the statues

and check the leak under the car

burned-out hull of a truck

and another somber scene

this is why Ruta 5 is on the "dangerous road" list

crosses remembering victims of former accidents

two roads diverged in a narrow wood ... let's say "vast expanse"

looking down into one of the valleys

this one warns of dangerous bridge on a curve

sad evidence below the bridge

a memorial to victims

including recent words from a bereaved spouse and children

returning to Iquique via the "zig-zag" (narrow downhill road)

the spine of the dragon (this enormous sand dune is called "Cerro Dragon")

finally meeting the highway home

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Terri Fisher said... pics, Sis! Glad you had some time away together. How did the visit go?