Monday, August 15, 2011

Say, "Cheese!"

After 24 hours' away, Pedro and I were welcomed home with squeals of delight.


"Cheese," the hamster we were carrying, was welcomed with squeals of delight.

A gift from friends resulted in Eva's months-long dream being fulfilled.

(She quickly phoned cousins Mati and Micah to share the good news!)

And as you can tell, she wasn't the only one who was delighted!


Brad and Carrie said...

I hope my kids don't stumble onto this post! They've been begging for a pet for a long time now. A hamster seems a lot easier than a dog though.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the newest member of the family! Terri should have some stories about her "Hammy", I think.

Terri Fisher said...

Awww! Benjamin is hoping for a hamster soon, too. He will be excited to see this post! Of course I have fond memories of Hammy and his many offspring...he was the best hamster ever!

Melissa said...

Speaking of cheese, that grin of Ian's. Love it!