Friday, June 03, 2011

Reading Update: Bringing Up Boys

Bringing Up Boys
by Dr. James Dobson

Like its counterpart which I referenced earlier this year, this book is thorough, practical, encouraging and real. In it Dr. Dobson discusses the emotional, spiritual and physiological differences between boys and girls. He encourages his readers to remember that boys are "men-in training. Their agressive nature is designed for a purpose. It prepares them for the 'provision and protection' roles to come."

Dobson also addresses the essential role of a father in the life of his son. On the subject of divorce he states, "... divorce is difficult for children of both sexes but it is devastating for males." He challenges parents about their willingness to do what it takes for the well-being of their boys when he writes: "Many parents are simply too busy and distracted or too immature and selfish to meet the pressing needs of babies and toddlers."

Additional timely topics include the challenges boys face in traditional school settings; the origins of homosexuality; disciplining boys; the role of grandparents; and how to protect our boys from predators, among others.

Dobson summarizes the focus of his book in this clear-cut way:
"... our objective as moms and dads is to transform our sons from 'immature and flighty youngsters into honest, caring men who will be respectful of women, loyal and faithful in marriage, keepers of commitments, strong and decisive leaders, good workers, and men who are secure in their masculinity.' ... The primary mechanism by which these goals are realized is the application of confident leadership and discipline at home, tempered with love and compassion."

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