Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reading Update: Bringing Up Girls

Bringing Up Girls
by Dr. James Dobson

My sister brought this book on family vacation, and once she had finished I managed to complete all but one or two chapters on the 10+ hour drive home. It is now on my "must buy" list and I intend to finish it when I have my own copy!

Meanwhile I can share that this book is chock-full of intelligent, timely and poignant information. It is designed to encourage, challenge and equip moms and dads who are raising girls, and it does just that through first-hand stories, medical research and by providing numerous helpful resources for families.

Perhaps what stood out most was Dobson's emphasis on the important role fathers play in the lives of their daughters. Their influence cannot be overstated and lasts for a lifetime. I read many sections aloud to my husband and spent time reflecting on my own childhood and the special father God provided to raise me.

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